In 2018, I became one of the first US Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physicians in the UK (IBLM). I also have had the privilege of writing the women’s health module for the first plant-based nutrition course at a UK university.

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Dr. Nitu Bajekal - Lifestyle Medicine
Lifestyle Medicine

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine involves the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches for the treatment, reversal and prevention of several lifestyle-related chronic disease including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and lifestyle cancers such as breast and womb cancers. Lifestyle Medicine is not alternative medicine and runs alongside conventional western medicine. It can often help avoid unnecessary medications and surgery by using these only when really needed.

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Women for Women’s Health

In 2014, I set up Women for Women’s Health. This is a voluntary service set up to empower women of all ages to make lifestyle choices that will help improve their own health and that of their families and friends through education. We run workshops covering a range of health concerns such as painful periods, menopause, endometriosis and osteoporosis. We hold events in secondary schools as well as for healthcare professionals and the general public. Our workshops often include active sessions such as strength training or yoga as well as mindfulness and meditation. To date, we have conducted events in London, New York, Dubai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Singapore.

Lifestyle Medicine
Lifestyle Medicine

Plant-based Nutrition

Most (80%) of what doctors see in their clinical practice is related to lifestyle, with nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress playing key roles in major chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. This also extends to women’s health issues such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), menopause, bone health and lifestyle cancers among many other problems that women face regularly.

Having read the scientific evidence and experienced the personal benefit to myself and many of my patients, I advise women to adopt follow a whole food plant-based lifestyle. This enables them to take better charge of their own health. I work closely with my daughter, Rohini, who is a plant-based nutritionist.

Passion for Education

As a College Tutor and Training Programme Director for Obstetrics and Gynaecology trainees in the London Deanery for several years, I developed my passion for public and medical education. I truly love this aspect of my work.

Through information leaflets, lectures, blogs, health events and workshops, I provide reliable up-to-date medical and lifestyle information for the general public, doctors, workplaces and schools. Young people especially are at the right stage where making small positive changes can have a tremendous impact on their current and future health.

Lifestyle Medicine

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